Business Services

Circle of Life Legal Services helps guide clients through the often confusing maze of legal decisions to create business structures and plans that ensure the well-being of the business owner. Attorney Marty Elberg’s legal experience includes creating the right business structure for the needs of the client. Whether you need an LLC, Corporation or Partnership, Marty can help you craft an operating agreement to properly structure your business for today and years to come. As ongoing outsourced “in-house” general counsel, he can help with day to day legal issues and find the right attorney for specialized legal needs.

Marty understands the importance of a proper business structure and the effect it can have on the owners. He prides himself on his ability to truly listen to his clients while translating their vision into operating agreements that meet their desires and expectations. He appreciates the unique composition of each business and knows firsthand that thoughtful, creative customized planning can maximize both financial security and harmony therein. Because many organizational structures incorporate tax planning, Marty will work with your advisor to determine what is best for you. If you do not have a tax advisor, Marty has a network of advisors to match your needs.

We offer bundled services for every budget:

Customized Business

Business Accelerator

Business Express

Outsourced General Counsel